Questions about Angelic set affix

Hello all,

I have a couple of questions about the Angelic set affix:

  1. If I use discordance, will Angelic buff the special skill now that it’s CD is less than 1 sec?
  2. Does the APS bonus go over the 60% cap from affixes?


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Yes and yes

Awesome thanks. Wish the skill stat page would reflect the aps boost though.

Ok. Hunger and Angelic give APS boost even if you reached 60% Attack Speed. Also Fletcher and other ways to increase APS.

But if the stat page doesn’t show the increase in APS, then that sucks :frowning: . You should feel a big difference though when using Sets like Angelic or Hunger or both.
Fletcher essentially acts like 20% Attack Speed but can be used with attack speed 60% as well as Hunger or Angelic combined.

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