Questions about DQ

Hi I am a returning noob player and I have some questions :smile:

  1. Currently have wizard and I want to know if do I need to put my stats on mana alone ?

  2. Which is better for farming, floors or maps?

  3. What floor does fortune mythstone drop?

4.Can you suggest some good set affix (I think set affix), I have 3 aftermath, reactor, spirit master etc…

  1. Other ways to increase the number on a set affix other than equiping the item with the same set affix,like on “(4)Aftermath“ or “(3)Satyr`s Spirit”

  2. What floors are good for farming legend and eternal (Green colored) items?

  3. How can I get the “Iceburn“ affix in wizard class

  4. I have currently almost 3 stash of legend items, do I need to sell others or convert legend items?

  5. Can I build a set using legend items, I do not mean items with the same set affix what I mean is like Green garden builld.

  6. Is “Satyr spirit“ good for farming legend items?

  7. Finally, I have 3 items with satyr spirit affix and two items with 30-40% luck and steiger weapon equipped, is this good for farming items

Lvl. 54 Wiz , currently farming on floors 60 and 61.

  1. The stats points you add on what you need… If u are runing out of mana, add some… If not, add power.
  2. I preffer farm maps, cause you have chance of get +Pack Size% what will boost the number of mobs in the map.
  3. Each 100 floors you have your mithstone and crystal quality boosted by 100%, so at 1~99 you’ll be droping crystal from Angelite till X (i don’t remember), and at 100~199 u’ll be droping the next after angelite till X+1 (don’t remember neither, kkkk), and the same goes to mythstones. But that is just about the most common that 'll be droping… If you have luck (the stat and real luck, haha) you can drop it any floor.
  4. For start a quick build, I would suggest: 1º: Plagued+Druidic, 2º: Permafrost+Frozen, or 3º: Spirit Master+Summoner…
    4.1. To increase a set number, you must use +X All Sets found in Nadroji’s ring and amulet found on floor 100+ from powerfull enemies (Epic+ Enemies), the new rogue pendant with Haunting or using Elixir Mythstone (The rarest mythstone).
    4.2. Any floor have the same chance of drop Legends, Eternals, Crystals, but some Legends are only found after a certain floor (Like the nadrojis that can only be found after floor 100), so check the Codex for which Legend you want and go to that floor (or higher).
    4.3. Don’t remember, but i know it can rolled via Amethyst and you can drop too (Check Codex)
    4.4. U can check on forum for a list of which legends you should keep cause they have good stats when u’ll craft a build, the other ones if you aren’t or 'll not use, just sell… Do not convert Legends, just Eternals and Crystals.
    4.5. You can make a build with “virgin” itens, without too much craft (See the Duck Tape Build by Griffin), it just wouldn’t be stronger like a crafted and maxed one.
    4.6. Satyr Spirit just increase Total MP and Total Armor based on Gold Find in your gear… It just works for tank, it can help you to survive, but i’ll not boost your Luck, GF, Item Drops or anything.
    4.7. How I said above, Satyr Spirit works with Gold Find, not Luck.

ohhh thanks for the answers and tips :smiley: really appreciate especially about satyr spirit I thought it would increase GF but it does not (damn). thank agains LuiiS :smile: