Questions about dq2

What is the estamite for when it will come out and how dose one become a beta tester for it? On a side not will dq1 still be moderated and updated on ocasion? @tdaniel

“dq2” is nothing like dq1 though, so calling it dq2 isn’t accurate

DQ2 as it currently stands is a traditional follow up to DQ1. The name is different, but the game loop (action rpg dungeon crawling, class building, and loot collection) is largely the same. The difference is that DQ2 is much MUCH larger than DQ1 and requires more work than we anticipated when we started development. The biggest of all the new systems is the constant real time co-op play. This is a massive system for us and implementing that system showed us how some potential problems that we may not be able to address (for example server/traffic load) with our current resources.

Three Skies was a game born out of necessity. This game is in closed beta now, you can join up here. While this game doesn’t have the same combat flow as DQ, being strategy focused, it is our first jump into real time PVP combat and it will help us understand server requirements of supporting systems that require contact with a server to maintain game progress, multi-player, etc.


Alright, hey thanks for the great game daniel. Its a work of art. Have a great day.

oh so three skies isn’t the DQ2

thanks for the feedback. sure, I want to play, but I feel like it’s better to wait than have to slog my way through a ton of ‘bugs’ to have a ‘little’ fun.

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Correct, two separate projects for DQ2 and 3S, trying to wrap up 3S first :slight_smile:


your team must be burning the :candle: at both ends, drinking lots of :coffee: and dreaming of :zzz: in :bed: some day, instead of working :computer_mouse: :desktop_computer: :keyboard: 24/7 at the office like :zombie: :man_zombie: :woman_zombie: .

Haha nothing too crazy, have to have a little balance so we don’t get burned out :stuck_out_tongue:

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ahh! since you’re awake at the moment, are there any hints as to when Season 6 is coming out for Battle Arena? I’m looking forward to getting the Battle Arena Season Six Class Vanities.

We will have to update DQ for at least meeting google play requirements, and within a few months I think. If that’s all successful, then will try to make sure the season is updated.

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woo hoo!!! I think that’ll invigorate me to get the Demon Aura asap! two reward coming up!

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Long time no see my friend!
Any plans on when you"ll work on DQ2, asked differently, are you guys even planning on doing so or rather put full focus on 3 Skies. And if so, the DQ2 part, when could we expect that? In 1 year, 5 or maybe 10?
Looking forward to hearing from you, cheers!
Old olympial GermanyPro

Steiger is currently stuck in Bug Purgatory with 3 Skies so it may take him a bit to respond.

We are using 3Skies as a way to determine the best way forward for DQ 2. We want to make DQ 2 co-op with a focus on multiplayer features.

3Skies is giving us the opportunity to test how much server support we need to make that happen. Three skies has real time PVP which will help us identify how many resources we would need to allocate toward making DQ2 function smoothly.

I hope that gives some insight for ya!

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sending some bug :bug: zappers :mage: :magic_wand: to SteigerBox@, and a lot of :coffee:!