Questions about Elemental Weaken and Shock stacking with hiring

If both my toons have lightning do they stack it faster?

What happens if one has +2 shock stacks and the other one doesn’t ?

What if one has +1% shock effect bonus and the other doesn’t?

If one of my toons is running 30% Weaken and the other is running 50% weaken how does it work? Do they get +70% weaken or is it the last one that got proced?

Hmm I had that question as well. They are both debuffs after all.

For the shock , the stack Debuff from each character do stack and it could be the same for shock effect Max and electrocution in that case.

Weaken I’m not sure. Probably not but it doesn’t matter since 90%-180% weaken is a bit overkill and even if it did, well good If weaken from hirling did work, Arcanist on main character would work and give them 20% ED per character that is affected by arcane Debuff.

I know Ascendant debuff can affect both character though as proven with old Arcanist and the damage values in general. Ascendant and weaken is overkill too.

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Can one mob have all elemental debuffs ? or is there a cap ?like fire dot/poison dot/ice slow/lighting dmg etc all at once ?

A dot/Debuff can replace one another but ascendant Debuff stacks with weaken and Arcanist as the exception.

I have a crushing flame/electrocution(do they stack?) rouge im planing on making a tanky or 100% dodge wizzard just for timewarp spamm and ascendent, im not sure what element to use for hes OH Im scared to use lightning cause my rouge runs shock +2 and the 1% bonus effect to lightning if i use ice on my OH will it interfere with the other elements ?

If shock Debuff on enemies below 25% HP , Electrocution will work and the fire attack will also be affected by Stack Debuff and Electrocution damage as a great way to finish off enemies. It doesn’t have to stack to finish the job greatly.