Questions about increasing item stats

I have questions about the item above.

  1. How can I increase legendary items affixes like the item drop affix?

  2. What is “quality -1%“ above, how can I increase it and what are its effect\s on the item?

  3. Is the max level of an item 100?

  4. What is the max number of affixes that can be used in an item?

Veneficus,(currently) Level 80,Wizard

  1. To increase an affixes, you have to roll it using Diamond (Rolls every affixes) or Fluorite (Rolls a single one and only Epic or Normal ones).

  2. Quality reffer to item DMG or Armor, and it’s easier to roll higher stats depending on Quality, you can use Emerald to increase it.

  3. Yes, the max level is 100.

  4. The max is 6 affixes. (But you can have only 1 Green, 1 Crystal and 1 Mythic per item)

Ty for the reply.