Questions and Suggestions

I’m sorry if I post this in the wrong place and if it is already question or suggested by the other member.

Questions :

  • Does Throw Damage % affects Assault Chance damage?
  • Does Freeze, Paralyze, Toxic, Immolate burst damage deal the same damage (despite enemy resists)?
  • What does exactly Deadly Strike mean?
  • Is Blood Knight set bonus damage included in DPS stat?

Suggestions :

  • Make an additional slot for main/offhand to switch weapon quickly (like Diablo)
  • Make a loading animation when opening leaderboards (since there is no such indicator whether it is connected or not, Connection in my country is quite unstable).
  • Make an option to show numbers on health and mana bar.

U devs rock!
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Not yet, but it will in patch 1.6. Right now Assault uses Main hand damage.

The damage from these are still affected by Resists

It’s an additional chance to Critical Strike whenever you don’t Critical Strike. So let’s say you have 60% Critical Strike and 40% Deadly Strike. If you miss the 60% chance Critical Strike an enemy, you then have a 40% chance to Critical Strike him. Hope that makes sense!


We’ve talked about this a lot, and we definitely want to do it. It’d be quite a bit of work to implement, so planning on when exactly it’d be right to do is tough.

Great idea :smile:

So you can still see the HP / MP gain but they are off the enemies? Seems like a good idea too.