Questions for mythic mob and hunter ring

Hi all i just wanna ask some questions i really wanna know !

  1. I’m 1 lengend mob short to summon a mythic mob. What map do you guys summon him at to get good eternal item? 200th floor or higher stage from challenge map?

  2. Can hunter ring effect and rebirth shrine epic mob summon affect together?

Thank you for the helps!!

If you really want a pretty good eternal legend i think the higher floor lvl the better .some rare legends are only attainable at high levels. But be sure you can defeat the mythic mob it would be a waste going higher floors to get a good drop if you can’t even kill it

That’s right… Where did you do your mythic enemy or enemies at??

I don’t known i really did not care what map I take on the myth boss . But if you really want a good eternal go floor 750 have a shot for all good legends except arena legends

Floor 500 Mythic 3 is enough to make sure the Eternal item drop is scaled at level 100. Guaranteed 100%.
So, you go there, the spawn the Mythic Enemy and kill it.

And, one more thing about your questio, Hunter Ring doesn’t stack with the HUNTER PERK.

Master can it be still be scaled to lvl 100 even if map is easy or something or only in m3?

I’m not pretty sure about that Idea, (It’s because, I’ve never been on Easy Floors. I’m always at M3) but as what they have said, Eternal Item level are scaled on full level at floor 500 so I think it is!

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Item level is dependent on your char lv and floor lvl. If you are lv 100 at floor 521+ (due to rounding), then you will always get a lv100 item.