Questions. help need

As i was playing floor 271. i had a phone call. and my game reset… do i have to do it all over again from floor 200 ?? help needed. thanks

Yeah, if you haven’t a duplicate of the map :frowning:
So it is important to always backup your data to the server or buy at least 2 maps of the same floor. So you are always prepared if some unlucky circumstances occur :frowning:

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PM me your DQ Account email and i’ll drop a 271 map in your stash

not sure how to pm. but my account is illuriouz email same as this. thanks alot

Neat! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, you should be able to download your account now.

Thanks Steiger. its in. while you are at it. check out

Steiger can you help me recover my Nadroji’s Crystal “Frenzy” I lost it more than month ago I think…accidentally wrong click on ‘unlock’ and ‘sell’…I’m hunting it again but can’t find one up to now… it’s much harder to find any Stone of Nadroji and Nadroji’s Crystal now.

These are my three Nadroji’s Crytal left in my bag and stash supposedly I collected 4 different talents…still hunting for iceberg,prayer,etc.

I wanna also share my Stone of Nadrojis that I collected so far…still huntig for assault, zealous,etc…

I always put phone/tablet into aeroplane mode to stop this happening. Push notifications from other apps have caused a freeze or lock in the past too :frowning: Not lost anything too important, but … if SteigerBox is handing out lost items, Im claiming I lost legendary pet Jester :wink: honest, im not lying :wink: :wink: :wink: :laughing:

When 200+ came out, I didn’t know I could buy scrolls, so each time i had to restart from 200… that’s part of the game :wink:

Steiger is already busy with ton of things (coding actuallying) so I think we can deal with our little problems even if they are accidents :wink:

Agreed. Then again, I haven’t lost anything yet… but still.

my friend quit playing this DQ, same problem with this person… he is on 250+floor then suddenly a call appear… and when he switched back to DQ… it appears that it is restarted and lost the map… he lost zeal in playing because you need to go through floor 200 up to 250+ lol…

Well the staff can’t control who’s called, and that’s not it’s fault if you’re called by someone :laughing:
The only thing you can do is to buy scrolls sometimes to “save” your progression :wink:

Lucky illuriouz :stuck_out_tongue:

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

Finally looted back my Nadroji’s Crystal (Frenzy) after 3 months…hehehe…[emoji1]

GZ Asar!