Questions 'n idea

I have a few questions about the game.

  1. in the version 1.5 will the new class be given?
  2. What is shader?
  3. Are challenges and gold assigned to the specific char or to a few characters?


  • adding limiter of fps could improve the stability of action and would be useful to persons which they have weak smartphones

Anyway. I apologise for my English. I am using the translator because I am only 14 and I don’t know English too well.

Your English is great!

  1. We don’t know for sure yet!
  2. Graphical asset used in the game. The long shader startup time is done to eliminate constant hitches in game.
  3. Challenge and gold are shared by all characters.

Limit fps: great idea :smile: we are working on some performance ideas right now actually!

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