Questions on effect of affix

Hi all,
I am wondering what effect the affix ‘Cannot be frozen’ gives.
At first I thought the effect is just literally what the affix says, but soon I found that I could still be frozen by rare or epic enemies which have freezing ability
It occurred every time, and here is a shot of one of them:

(Yes, I know I have few gold. Rerolling stats on legendary items are REALLY expensive!)

And here is the equipment the affix is on:

Anyone has any idea what’s going on?

Solid question… I’d like to know as well

That’s a bug for sure! Will get a fix for it in the next small patch.

+1 more affix irregularity:

Item: Livid’s Wicked Wand

The current wand shows 10% Toxic - but gives 10% Freezing on stat page and in effect. Found out that changing element switches between Toxic/Immolating/Freezing/Torrent – however, the affix remains at 10% Toxic throughout these switches.

Either a display bug with intended mechanic or intended display with mechanic bug. :smiley:

(I personally like that the status changes - makes no sense to have toxic clouds despite shooting Fire Bolts. Conversely, useful for Amplify builds.)

Will have to look at that too, thanks for reporting that! The effect should match the element change, but it doesn’t work like that yet. Those Elemental Critical’s used to be only on Legends that couldn’t have their element changed, but with the last few patches that has changed, while overlooking the Elemental Critical interaction.