where can i find ragnarok sword for warrior? thanks!

I don’t know, hmm…I recommend to farm for it with a luck gear. Maybe someone can give better informations [emoji55]

I found my two ragnaroks in random maps after lvl 200 ep1 with about 300% luck , but it is really hard to find. For me is the hardest one , for more than 2,7k legends found only twice and it didn’t worth it.

I already have 758 luck no shrine but I still havent found it yet along with the nadroji pendant. Maybe someone can give a better info where they get it…

btw thanks for the repz… :wink:

ohh Shay… thanks man! im gonna try it go back to that level…

hmmm got it randomly by clearing cartographer maps after flour 200. got like 3 after some time

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and, where to find ragnarok for wizard? anyone?

done finally found it last day at ep8 (random map) act 3 floor 161 with just 396 luck.

I have 122/138 legendex so far, still searching for nadroji pendant.