Quick Poll: Share your in game Ad opinion!

We have an update coming this week for Dungeon Quest 1 that will change a few of the ways we are able to show ads in our game.

I know, no one likes ads, we understand that. The ads do help us however provide Dungeon Quest for free (excluding some vanity items and character slots) and to continue to develop future games.

We would like to know how our players would like to see ads in Dungeon Quest going forward since we have a few different ways we can do it.

  1. Stay the same. Ads are only seen by players who play our game for free (have not made any purchases). We also offer everyone the option to watch a “reward video” (fancy way of saying you watch a video for another game and then you get a boost) during the regular game play and between some PVP matches.

  2. Remove the banner ads you see in the regular game and just have ads on the loading screen.

  3. Remove both the banner ads and the loading screen ads BUT increase the frequency of the “reward” video ads that are shown.


  • Ad option 1
  • Ad option 2
  • Ad option 3

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I chose Option 1 because it seems the best of the 3 choices to me. my only problem with the banner ads (before I became a Big Spender for DQ) was that they took up part of the screen, and it was hard to see stuff at the top of the screen for the duration of the ad. I don’t even do the Reward Video’s that often, but sometimes I’ll binge on the reward video’s for a short time just to get a few good boosts.
Thanks DQ Dev’s and support team for a great game.

The perc to spending in this game was to remove the adds

Option 1.

How about Option 1 mixed with Option 3…

Players who don’t buy anything:
the ads and “reward ads” stay the way it is now…

Players who spent/spend money to support DQ:
increase the frequency of the “reward ads”…

Just a thought :smile_cat:

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I agree with option 1 + option 3. :sunglasses:

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I chose Option 1. I have contributed to the game, so I don’t see ‘regular’ ads. What I like about the current system is that you have a choice of viewing the ‘reward’ ads or not, and it’s easy to choose whether or not to view such ads, as the box is noticeable, but not obtrusive. I often do choose to view the ‘reward’ ads (mostly in PVE) because I like the boosts, and I have even clicked through a few times to read more about the games on the Google Play Store. Personally, I am not sure that I would bother to view the ‘reward’ ads more often if they were presented more frequently, as it would be even more time spent not getting to what I opened DQ to do - actually playing DQ.

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Lol @Bizarro_Stormy I buy money pots and monster boosts. I don’t want more ads :scream:


I understand what you’re sayin’…
The “reward boost ads” are completely optional though… if you don’t want to get a 5 minute boost, don’t click to watch the ad…

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I actually don’t mind the adds especially in the arena. Very handy when dropping chests.

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I choose 1😉

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I want to chose 1 but I already click 2. can I vote again please!:cry: 1vote is really important.

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I still see adds while making purchases which I don’t mind because they are sparse. I usually tap the adds before an arena battle and nip to the loo while it plays :sweat_smile:

Oh now I think about it option 3 just to annoy @Bizarro_Stormy whof killed my toon in the arena :wink:

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