Quick Question: Mythic Items

I think it might be overpowered, but can a Mythic Item have the 4 stones slotted, 1 green affix(like permafrost, plagued, etc) and 1 red(i think this is legend) ? (sorry I dont know the names)

yup… here is the thread… diieter said he tested it and its good…

Ha, cool! Thanks for the very quick reply!

Since that is possible, I hope they do make a separate color for the Mythic + the green affix item

Grind grind xD

no problem dude!! enjoy farming…

I tried set affix and legend affix with mythic item…all good. I haven’t tried obsidian (crystal affix) on mythic item.

I was bored.

You make good things when you are bored. :smiley: