Quick question

Can someone please explain to me what relics are and what they are for? Did a forum and Google search and came up with Nada. Also is shinybox taking anymore beta testers? How do you go about joining that? Thanks in advance just a humble noob trying to learn something here :wink:.

Relics are for completing Challenges that reward elemental damage related to the floor you’re on.

We’re not currently accepting new testers since we’re finished with the latest test cycle ( yay 1.4 is out ), however we’re likely to open up testing to upcoming large patches coming soon-ish.

Relics are challenge which gives 5% element dmg depends on in what dungeon you are (ex: ice dung brigs you 5% ice dmg if you collect the 3 relics), there are 3 relics per 5 levels.

Awesome thnx. Just want to say great job on this game. First game I spent money on in awhile. I’m hooked. I started the day before the patch. Perfect timing you guys just made it 10x more fun.

Thank you very much for your support!!! We are back to work on new content as well!

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Great to hear that ill be climbing the leaderboard and continuing to support this fine game . OK. /buttkissin OFF. :wink: