R.I.P reactor

I gave 5 affixes to reactor and now the effect range is shorter than half before the update.I had to cast orb at very close range due to its poor AOE and just die getting a full shot of 5 enemy bolts at once.

Nope :smirk: Reactor is still Obtainable I’ll post my build Orb 3.0 Soon

Reactor build is still good im stil using it til now only changes is living force effect no more. But u can just replace living force with other usefull affixes.

Still good for PvE :smile: . Idk about PvP though but reactor certainly wrecks enemies quite well in high floor and even more so now.

its good for Pve at pvp good for assisting tanker


This is why CV cast in the Hitter in the first place , If I cast orb , I will immediately cast Vault(rouge) or Teleport(wiz) to avoid Torrents From CV that’s why ,I can’t step in eternals , that CV getting in to nerves