Ragnarok? Eternals?

Hey guys. I got this ragnarok earlier, what is the difference of this legend compare to others? I read many players we’re talking about this item. I have bunch of eternals too. Should I just convert it ?

Hey friend. So there’s one thing and one thing only that makes Ragnarok, and others like it, a good item: the Affixes that come pre-attached to it that cannot be rolled using crystals. These Affixes for Ragnarok are the Defiant set affix and the Weapon Dmg 100% and the Control Duration % ruby Affixes. Because these come preattached to this item it is often used as a base Legendary from which to build upon with crystals, particularly for the Defiant set which is one of the best sets in the game and for 100% WD, which is also a very good affix for both PvP and PvE builds. The other Affixes on it you can just disregard because they can be rolled using Ruby and Topaz crystals. Does this make sense? :smile:

Your name makes sense bro. Haha. Thank you!

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Any time :pray::pray::raised_hands::raised_hands: