Random legend drop from boss

Hi I have a question, I wasn’t sure about that random Legend item drops from Bosses Ignis, Lemorex, etc… I was curious about it cause I rarely hangout on floors 200 and below. Do these bosses even in the slightiest chances also drops rare items such as Defiants, C.Vortex, Nadroji (items usually drops from powerful enemies or certain floor levels) something like those. Cause it says its “Random Legend Drop” if killed 20 of them.

So any knowledge about it?

Not really as far as I’m aware. It’s not worth it anyways. The random legend drop I think is the common legends and not the legends found from powerful enemies. I think powerful enemies may exclude boss battles.

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Nope, because if it does, people will just exploit it and kill battle boss over and over again

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Yeah that’s what I thought. Also if legends are absurdly rare on boss battles, it would be harming to the new players for wasting too much time exploiting the boss battles to get 1 rare legend if boss battles even gave rare legends than try killing many epic enemies for the same goal of one or more rare legends.

it has a random legend drop but if lucky you’ll have a chance too like me 4-5 perks done I got 1defiant drop