Rank Match Not Found

Everytime i click Rank Game, Searching>Match not found always. In other words i can’t play rank game. But Practice game is ok… pls help. Sorry for my grammar. Thanks…

Hey! Do you have a DQ account? Make sure you have a stable internet connection while finding match.

Yes i have dq account and stable internet connection. Very strong… i dunno why cant connect :frowning:

Please contact our support including your DQ account email address. I am sure they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

Okay thank you very much. Wait ill try it.

Try uploading your game then retrying. It work for me before.

I already update my game, and i finish registered my d.q account but everytime i click the activation link is said account does not exist. Hays…:frowning:

Just contact the support in this case.

Done contacting support team. Waiting for response…

I have sent you a privat message.

I got it, but still not working the link .

Alright. Last attempt: Try to copy the whole link into a browser (mark the whole link and copy it manually).
Otherwise you have to wait until the support writes back.


If you contacted support I would have tried to get you activated. I am looking at my support inbox and it is empty right now.

Try sending another one…I am just sitting here playing some games and watching my inbox :smiley:

Why i cant verify my dq account??..

dunno…if you are using a yahoo.com email address that could be the issue. Just email me support@shinyboxgames.com using the email address you want activated and I will push it through for you on my end.