Rare ascension

What was the XP multiplier on the 2nd ascension I blew past it and didn’t bother too check I’m curious as too whether it was *3 or *4 I’m trying too judge how many hours the third will take me

Hours :joy:

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? The last one took me roughly 3 hours too complete

Erm :frowning: cant do 1st ascension already few days

What do you mean here? I wanna give like a good response but I’m sleepy and can’t decipher it (I’m sure it’s obvious and I’m just dumb right now)

Ahaha I read what I wrote. Edited:)

facepalms yeah I’m just dumb too tired
Yeah same here I spent 3 days crystal farming(crystal and mythstone farming is so nice after the update) and didn’t reach 99 during all that but I’ve working on an XP farm build so that I can get all 6 of my characters too eternal 99 and I finally got it nailed down and figured out exactly the best way too do it and finished it off and got it really effecient and it turned out way better then I’d even thought possible so I will probably post the build here later tonight early tomorrow and do a little basic guide to xp farming all the way too eternal ascension on your characters




I saw you hv whirlwind warrior. Can I have full pict of your build, sir?

I will try to post my build :slight_smile:

This is my current dps :slight_smile: on dungeon run.

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It says 2x, 3x, 5x etc. So we multiply base exp to 99 or each time previous -> 100 - base, 200 A1, 600 A2 etc?

I believe it’s multiplying each time off of the base, but I’m not certain.

If it multiplied each time off of the previous, then getting 1-99 at Eternal would be 29,400 times more experience than the base. Pretty unreasonable. And I doubt anyone would have achieved that by now, which I know people have.

I’ll wait fo that^^

Farm master! :grin:

Max gold amount?Never seen a legit player do that before

Is everyone else sure he’s legit? Those damage numbers are pretty insane. Like, unreasonably so. No?

Try to use sevendeadly sin items and good affix and a shrine buff.

I farm hard everyday so try to farm hard too promise its worth it. I farm 2-3m every run with 140-160+ pack size (850goldFind) +15yrd pickup and i do it the whole day.
And yeah i rest also and when i do i ask my brother if he can play and farm for me

Up to you if you believe me or not.
I know you play hard also and i respect that but not as hard as i do :slight_smile:
Sorry for the bad english