Rare crystal legend map affix

Because ATM with sinks filling up as they do/the current end game crafting mechanics, a uber rare cyrstal + mob pack size % roll > mythstone rarity or gold find, imho

Hey! Could you clarify yourself, what do you mean?

Sorry, I often have difficulty saying what I mean, ask any female I’ve ever met lol

A more likely scenario would be to have slightly higher item quantity and/ or luck crystal affix rolls, like 2-400 quantity or 500-750 luck…I really just think the rare crystal legend/eternal has potential to be brought over to maps to somehow spice them up, be it a new affix IE +5-10% epic/+2% legend enimies or simply a higher +packsize bracket, or (likely easiest/makes most sense) the higher quantity or luck rolls.


So you mean legend map should get crystal affix. Sorry, not gonna happen since we got eternal maps way better and it just isn’t possible. Also packsize is very very common in 2.1 because of the larimar revamp and a way to get packsize in legend map (the only way) is to buy monster spawn boost or watch 30 second ad and hope to get a free monster spawn boost.

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I still can’t understand what you are saying but I just asked what I thought u said. Where are you from and are u an English speaker/typer. Just wondering ok :slight_smile: