Rate My Build: PVE Pistol Rogue Crushing Blow + Crushing Flames + Epiphany

Need help for My Rogue
How can i make it do more damage everything you need to know is in the video above.
Thank you for anyone willing to help.


good build. crushing flames is doing zillions of dmg and you want more? lol

Its not doing that much of a damage mostly my max so far is 20.19b and it only appears once in a blue moon as far as i played its not that high. I just need some suggestions how can i make it have more damage and make it crit more often.

Die too often

You really should get Sanctuary on your amulet and some more dodge/block! Crushing blow deals % damage and doesn’t need more buffs!
Go for execute damage/demonic affixes because the most important part is finishing crushed enemies.

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