Rate my build,sugestions and comments

Hi, this Is my first build,make entire for me, rogue capable to deal a good damage in floors 500 and 700,not tested in high floors in this moments,and with cristaline affix set ,to help to farm crystals, obvious, the item to make the good finish, that’s a masochist helm,with barbarian affix…but i need cristals ;).
Here, the items.

Note the helm not have the full affix, i need sugestions to put the affix to complete the helm full
The build Is for pve, and the natures are X3 death and X3 strenght, to max crit DMG and chance
That’s all folks

Technically, crystalline isn’t a big deal without high item drops values, so I would remove it anyway.
You MH is very low, so explosive won’t do too much damage, I would replace it for another +10 ricochet, as it would add +33% damage.
Demonic and execute damage are great, but usually aren’t a big deal without crushing blow and you have none. I suggest rebuilding your MH changing deadly strike to crushing blow. Alone, deadeye talent is enough to boost your firepower.
If you’re gonna use primary skills, you definitely need attack spd. I recommend 1 crystal affix + 1 epic affix (on pet). Angelic would be another thing you may consider in your build.

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You like Pistols? Check these out! Modified of course.

They were converted from Warrior class.

Permafrost has an ED% bonus, and almost always comes with frostbiting, blistering or whatever element you want to use with it.

Your bomb doesn’t do much damage. Here check this one out!

Another conversion from the Warrior class, this one from a Shield.

I think you may have a pretty good set there. Problem is your affixes are on the wrong items. I can’t really tell what you have according to your stats. Your affixes are jumbled around a lot. You have weapon affixes on non-weapon items, and affixes that don’t belong on your wespons. You might also look into your secondary weapon skills. See what works best for you. Just saying…

If your items work for you. Take caution in rebuilding them. It may have undesired affects. Instead buy a duplicate item from the codex, play with it, and give it a try. That way, if for some reason the item doesn’t work like you hoped it would. You can always pick uo your old item that DOES work.