I just enter Eternal league for 1v1. just checked on rank. and shocked i on first place. and it say rating. what that for actually.?

Rating is a number that represents your “skill” as determined by your wins and losses, and the quality of those wins and losses. For more information, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glicko_rating_system

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You’ve 2 types of rating in eternal league :

  • MMR rating
  • Points rating of the eternal league

Also, only 100 people can be at the same time on eternal league, you’ll see later when w’ll be more than 100, people won’t stay forever in eternal :slight_smile:

Being 1st as mmr rating is fluctuant, firstly it was wei, then when i’ve grinded magic to eternal within 350 matchs (1 day) i was first with 3000 pts rating, far away from the 2nd (Shay with 2300), then yesterday I was at 2300 and today i’m at 2500, it depends of the wins made by others players against your AIs

And as you’ve played a lot to grind eternal while others like wei and I aren’t playing anymore, our mmr is decreasing while yours is increasing, and once you’ll stop and someone will grind to eternal he’ll decreases you, etc etc

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ahh i see, so basicly it normal for newcomer in eternal league hold first place for a while lol.

That’s it, and there are only 2 ways to stay at top :

  • Being a lot active (easy)
  • Having an imba setup that even your AI can rekt other players (rare)