Re: Hero Points Rank #1! Now 200K!

Okay, so it took many hours of grinding but I was finally able to get myself ranked number 1 in Hero Points! That’s over 6000 times watching Ignis do his primal scream, too many times hunting down Ember’s location and more times than I want to admit getting pulverized by meteors.

The Secret: OCD, insomnia and carpool a couple hours a day!

: O that is insane… Congratulations! !

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A lot of Ignis right? :stuck_out_tongue:
Now he will hide himself tssss :smile:

What a Dungeon Quest addict! :smiley:

congrats to you hehe

Is that a challenge? Game on! I’ve been waiting for this! Awesome!

Yeah that could be a nicr challenge : “one week to get the most points” !

Good luck for those how are taking the challenge. It’s not for me :smile: ( I don’t have the time to do that ).

gratz man!

Just achieved 200,000 Hero Points!

That is insane :smile: