Re rolling help

I am a level 88 Wizard with 180k DPS currently at floor 160. I need tips/Video’s on how to reroll a proper weapon because im having a hard time killing monsters floor 160+ with monster power at 1. I have 4 mill to spend on weapon and other stuff. Thank you.

After hours of grinding in floor 170 power 1. I managed to save 5.5m for my weapon. I want to be a teleport mage. With a staff as aoe. I have 150k dps. Help me out guys :smile:

I am now able to upload to server. My problem now is enchanting. Can i getan epic stat on the first opt of a staff? What i do is go to floor 1 find a staff, disenchant it and try to enchant and disenchant until i find an epic opt. But after mns of trying i cant get an epic opt.

Just repeat :smile: LUCK on equip helps to get epic affixes

It also helps to be in EP8 and find a Luck Shrine. Have you completed all the challenges and maxed your Luck? Basically, the more Luck the better your chances!

Seriously? I didnt really noticed any changes. In my opinion for enchanting/rerolling it doesn’t matter if you have 600 luck or 100…or maybe i am just very unlucky :wink:

It is like counting cards in Blackjack. It helps, but it won’t do you a bit of good if you’re constantly getting the wrong cards …