Reached floor 200 - question


Just reached floor 200 and killed the boss… Now doing maps on legend difficult - my question is:
I keep dying too much and want to change the difficulty to epic - do I really need to play from floor 190 to 200 again go get an map with epic affix? Or is there another way?
Or maybe what I should do with my equipment?

You can switch to epic difficulty and purchase a map from the shop :smile:

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But that’s only possible before floor 200 right?
When I doing maps on about floor 350 I can’t change this?
Because immortal flintlock is hard to get :frowning:

once you’ve purchased the map you can use the convert option on it to raise it’s floor to a number between it’s current level and the highest floor you’ve reached and you can just do this until you reach your highest floor :smile:

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It´s very costy, or?
It seems so… I don´t exactly know - epic still seems too hard for me(everytime a meteor fall down, I´m dead)…

converting maps isn’t particularly expensive feel free to go down to what ever difficulty you need too :smile:

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