Really excited about DQ2

If they get the game play formula right ( eg crafting , questing , live cooperative and pvp play, off line solo options for when not online and a good story ) then it could be as global and long running as Diablo 2 still is after 20 years


now that i know its happening, i want it. now. lol.

Huge Diablo fan btw. but i play DQ Waaaaaay more


Played diablo 2 for… 10 years :sweat_smile: Blizzard ruined a good franchise by ignoring a game that people adored by chasing money when people where prepaired to fork out money in millions upon millions to buy the game and then play it free forever. Every time my game can got screwed I paid for another. Dungeon quest 2 could be great. I think the crafting here is awesome. That’s why I support this game and make purchases once in a while. It’s not needed but is a nod


We also loved D2…and D1…and Torchlight…and POE…and I have a ridiculously huge amount of hours in D3.

We are huge fans of ARPG’s and even bigger fans of ones that are co-operative. So reset assured we are focusing on many of these points for our follow up game.

We have made really awesome progress over the last few months and hope that we can share some of it soon without putting our development cycle at risk (showing something that doesn’t convey the theme/heart of our game). Our fans have been extremely patient with us as we build our new game, we know that waiting is hard and we hear ya!

Thanks for playing and supporting our game!


Happy new year

I just hope for 1 more thing arena battles will be online& offline hybrid when there is enough players in the system you fight arena battle like mmo and when there is not enough players in the Server or your internet is bad you can fight against the ai of your opponents for a lower mmr gain this would be really satisfying

How is my idea sir? Is it utophic or doable?

Happy new year! Even though I’m one day before new year but whatever.


I been on DQ hiatus for 6 months now but if DQ2 is released in 2018, I’ll be back! Very exciting!


I’ve been playing for what feels like only a year but i actually played 2+ years. Totally worth it and i dig the DQ2 possibly being released very well. I do hope DQ2 is a bit easier to run on slower devices so no zombies or any other weird behaviors related to lag such as duplicate inventory or game being 2x slower for eg. Even despite this, DQ does run nicely for being fairly playable and enjoyable.

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Right now we are targeting Android 5.0 and up, so if your device runs android 5.0 it should* run (adding in that * because I cannot predict the future :slight_smile: )


Okay. Good thing I have above that and most devices being android 5.0 and above but good to know.

What’s going to happen to the old(current) DQ game?

We have no plans to remove/take down DQ.


Oh thank heavens!!!

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I dont know anything about dq2 but this … this ı can play forever :smile:

My devices are android 5. Will play both. DQ1 on bus because of its limited connection. DQ2 online at home

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Could also be nice if playing on pc gets easier but optional, I mean DQ is playable on pc but in some cases, better with a controller or touch rather than keyboard gameplay it seems. Just some idea.




DQ 2? It is already relaease?