Reasons why u play DQ?

I started playin DQ cuz im an rpg fan. I realy love farming and grinding +i love the graphics and UI of this game … Can be played anywhere cuz it doesnt ned internet connection. Lol Im getting more inlove with this game haha … So gay. how bout you guys what are your rhoughts on this game?

I play Dungeon Quest to feed my insatiable lust for murder, blood, and conquest. :blush:

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I play DQ because is the only game supported by my Samsung galaxy pocket neo, and i love the rpgs

Lol ur a serial killer in real life haha go to iraq bro youll love it der haha

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This one of the best rpg i played so far …downside only is the carto always looks the same haha wish dey will add more new mobs

I need a reason to stay alive. Lol


@cronos haha basically its your oxygen lol … Go find a girl xd

Just because lmao :laughing: .

Looked two years ago for a decent rpg that can be played offline and finally found one which is this game and been addicted to this game since the dq patch when skullshield was called skulldra but only at october 2015 is when I truly got dedicated on the game and played for much longer.

I still play dq to this day because I enjoy it but recently I have gotten tired whenever i played the game but now I can finally play as long as I want again.

I suppose this game is fun because it’s unique, the fun of grinding and hard work, no need to pay to win (got hirlings from @Teacup anyway) and making fun builds. This game is severly underrated and really deserves so many more players.


All hail @TeaCup.

Yup lol :slight_smile: . Btw im planning to make a fire shock build that deal 3B+ dmg per 0.5 seconds from inferno with bleed in the mix. Just trying to figure out the best way to build one to use both elements. I plan to use wizard for it though because of its amazing talent and also a use for amplify.

I am not going for aftermath. Just gonna try a different theme for the build and yea. If I can master it, that is one hell of a build . That is for campaign at least . Pvp I’m not sure what I will do but that all up to me.

Cause I always liked hack and slash rpg like Diablo, and DQ is best diablolike game I could find on ios
P.s I agree that this game is unique, I’ve never seen such a good crafting system

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Never played diablo but I am glad I am plahing a game so similar to diablo.

If this game gets more recognition, that would be nice. Problem is that most people get put off by the $0.99 hirlings, the amount of bugs that exist and hirlings as well as the conplications later on in game. Still if shinybox could get more money, bugs would be fixed quicker. Not to mention some more potential testers.

I would love to be a tester and which thread is a reliable thread for explanation to how you can apply for tester.

The things is i really like seeing big numbers on dmg… Der are few rpg games who would let you deal tons of billions+++ dmg lel … Btw i cant download the file i uploaded on dq cloud. The download button cant be click

because I don’t have internet connection :smile:and I love crafting so I play this game :smile:

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The most promising and awesome thing i love about this game is the crafting and the constant testing of builds. with the new added items there may e hundreds ore powerful builds that haven’t been ‘discovered’ yet. I’m not even a good builder but that doesn’t stop me from making a build based off my playstyle. The bugs will eventually be gone but right now they’re not much of a turnoff, for me at least. And like the others, I love rpgs. although i usually go for ones with storylines, dq still serves me well.

Dont lust on “me”

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What I find unique and love about this game:

It becomes like dark souls after 1000s of floors so you have to make gear that can adapt to that situation. Means unlimited challenge and almost unlimited floors you can climb.
Also, ever changing map schemes, enemys having so much hp to take off, floors aren’t the same every time, buying and playing map versions of a floor as well as skipping over a boss battle too. The crystals and mythstones are unique form than enchanting because you have to hunt for them, convert/salvage and hunt gold. No more fizzles/disenchants (unless you gamble on quartz to get rid of crystal affix. Affixes ( same as stats but different name) are quite unique because theres procs, dmg multiplier, set affixes that are worth 5 affix slots if you use maxed out all sets, the unique talents system,stat pages and even hero points. Some good features also are gamble vendor and more.
I think mythics can be unique parts of the game too, eternals and even crystal affixes/legends.

This isnt some game where you always have to have 30 min boss battle at certain plot points of the game. This is a game where you can modify to your own advantage with the aim to become “undefeated challenger”. Also many concepts you learn each time you make a different build and making builds already take effort.

Not a pay to win game, a game where even if you pay for gold or so, you still need so much hard work to get anywhere close to veteran level.
Also battle arena ai version of players, rankings, arena levelz.

All in all, it’s a complex and quite unique game I ever came across and hardwork looking for games like this finally paid off. Its good that I could play it for many many years. I been around since the time when skulldra was the old name of skulls (still loved that name) but I never had enough time until October 2015.

Sure theres no story but thats fine by me as long as I enjoy the game.

@CuzegSpiked your definitely inlove rightnow bro haha

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I started playing DQ because he @LK_Stradmore invited me to play, and i really love it. It become our moment together, the topic we talk to, sometimes its the reason we misunderstood each other because he’s addicted to it. He doesnt have time for me. :unamused: However, playing DQ can save me from my solitude and anger to this world full of :mask:

Good for you lmao.

I feel solitude and lonliness to the fact that no one except me in my area coventry of england plays dq. I do feel better when I go on the forums or talk to teacup and cronos on line. Got to know a good amount of people here,especially teacup and cronos. Feels good to be united with a community.