Recent farming issue

I’ve been playing for 2 years now, never posted. Started with a mage, added a rouge and 3 warriors. All at 99+. I’ve been up to M3 lvl500.

I left the game for awhile; didn’t delete app. A player always returns to a good game.

So, for three months I’ve been farming crystals while keeping track of eternal drops. I’m guessing 20 in 3 months. All of them have been duplicates, with the exception of one. Also, I have only unlocked 48/141 warrior eternal items, so other than really bad luck I can’t explain. The last two dropped were duplicates and I’m ready to toss this app.

I’m running two warriors on map of varying level/difficulty.

I’ve didn’t have these issues before I left the game. Is there something I’m missing?

On a side note; the legend drops are almost always the same set items. Nothing from the higher end gear.
What gives?

What items are you using ?

what affixes are you using for Farming (this includes Epic, Legend, Crystal, Set affixes, Myth Stones and Natures)? and do you have Treasured & Fortunate Perks?

I am not playing as much as I used to, but I am finding about 8-15 Eternals a week.

my Farm Build Wizard has all 6 Perks, Luck and Gold Find at +850%, Item Drop of +200%, 2x Nadroji with Nadroji Bonus and Crystalized Set. the rest of the Build was experimental so can only really Farm floors under 200 on M3. I have a better Farm Build, but using this weaker one is giving me the incentive to make Golems Ultimate Farming Build and scrap the rest.

as for getting the same Eternal items all the time, that is something the Dev’s need to look at. it could be just bad RNG, but it might not be. I have gotten 2 of the same Eternal item on one map before, but not very often, usually happens more often with Legend Items.

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@Golem i don’t think drops are that random. I find i drop the same legend twice on one map or the eternal version. I drop about 5 e eternal items per day using ephinany and 1012 while solo farming.

I realize that there are not as many Legend/Eternal items as many players would think. most items that drop are for the class you are using. then there are other requirements for these items. only on certain Element Maps, a minimum floor, Epic Monsters or higher, minimum Difficulty Setting, and some have a reduced drop rate, so drop less often than other items.

umm, take a look in the Codex and check the requirements for where/how the Legend/Eternal items can be found. not meeting certain requirements reduces the pool of what you will find, increasing your chances of getting multiples of the same item in each map you do.

a player who REALLY wants Eternal Items needs to get Perks.

Fortunate gives a +200% over cap for Luck, which helps with Eternals dropping.

Treasured gives a +300% boost to finding Eternals.

Hunter spawns +1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians at each Shrine and Pool. some of the more desirable Items only drop from Epic+ monsters. also, Epic+ monsters have a better chance to drop Legend and Eternal Items. some players don’t get this Perk and use the Mythic Hunter Ring instead.

Enshrined gives a second Shrine for those Epic Shrine Guardians to spawn at.

Accomplished allows you to finish Feats faster (requirements reduced by 25%, rounded up). some of these Feats will increase how often you can find/get Eternal items compared to not having this Feat.

Dealer is the only Perk that doesn’t help you get Eternal Items, but if you are converting unneeded Eternal items into Ultra Rare Crystals, then you need this Perk to help get the Gold for converting.

there are other Sets and affixes that can improve Eternal Farming, but just take a look around the Forums to see what others are doing.

@dickwad, @Bwaters130 main concern in the main post was the concern of only finding 1 Eternal that was different from about 19 others being the same in 3 months. that might be a bug. the other concern is increasing the number of Eternals being found, which is something us players can help with by posting or by Bwaters130@ doing a Search on Farming for Eternals.

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Only the eternal items dropped by completing the feat; kill epic enemies, legend, mythic. The mythic guy drops an eternal item as a reward for completing the feat. Of these drops, most have been duplicates. Not all the same item, but I’ve gotten Druid off-hand weapon several times and if I get another Snow Lion’s Roar I’ll be able to fill a whole stash.

I know what you mean. as far as Legends go, I get Golex Gauntlets a lot. I think it was the first Legend I ever got. I think I even got a level 1 Eternal Golex Gauntlet that I used for awhile in my early days. wish I still had it just for fun.

one thing I have noticed is that I get a lot fewer, and sometimes zero, Legend & Eternal items on Regular Campaign Maps, but on Challenge Maps, I rarely get zero Legend items, and it feels like I get an Eternal or Crystal item about every 3-5 maps. my best is 3 Eternals and a Crystal item on the same map, with a bunch of Legends, and I think at least one time I have had 2 Eternals and 2 Crystals on the same map.

I tend to convert these items to Crystals as I empty my bags while farming, so my info could be a little off, but there have been times I am curious and wait until I finish a Challenge Map before I convert Legend/Eternal/Crystal items to see how many I have gotten. even I have gone ‘wow, I got that many? wow, that is a lot of (fill in the blank)’.

hopefully, @Bwaters130, this isn’t a bug and just RNG giving you a hard time. another way to think of all those Snow Lion’s Roars as a good source of extra Ultra Rare Crystals or Dust :smiling_imp:. also, sometimes I stop for a moment to take a look at these items I keep getting to see the affixes on them, and sometimes I get an idea I want to try out on a build.

anyways, don’t give up! as you said, this is a fun game, or you wouldn’t have kept playing for all this time! :smile: :blush: