Recently my Hireling dosent atk

Anyone knows what i can do when my hireling stops attacking ?

AI setttings:

                   - Smash never
                   - Toss never
                   - Earthshake as often as possable (5yards)
                   - Sculp as often as possable (20yards)

He gets more then enough Mana with Mindful …

When does it happens? Does it happen often to you?

It happened recently quiet often every time i go to a cartograph hit him with my main then go out of range and if the hireling follows me there and we get out of range ( collecting gold … xD ) and then go back in my hireling dosent target him…

btw Ranges setting are :
-Avoid Enemy 0 yards
-Follow Teammate 25 yards


Thanks for the bug report. Going to take a look into it.

I just tested to do it again somehow it didnt bug this time …

This might be the old untargetable cartographer bug. Hirelings don’t attack them when they get that way.

Is there any way to make hirling stop teleporting and following me while I exp farm? I don’t think theres a way to stop it from happening I think and I have came close to it though.