Recommended controller?

(New here, Hi!)

It seems I’m getting sucked into the game (surprised it took me so long to discover DungeonQuest, but then again, Path of Exile dominated my recreation time for a long while!), and I think I’d like to get an external controller. I have a Moga controller for my Android device, but I’m playing DQ on an Air 2, so I need something new. There are a number of different choices out there, but I’m pretty clueless when it comes to mobile gamepads.

Are there any controllers you can wholeheartedly recommend, especially for use with DQ? I have my eye on the Moga Rebel, but that’s mostly because I found the build quality of the Android version quite solid. (Or should I just keep using the virtual controls and “master” those?)

Thanks in advance!

I’m having pretty good results with the Nyko Playpad Pro ON ANDROID. I realize that you are asking about iPad controllers, but this device has an “iCade” mode on it. I don’t know that it will make it work for your purposes as I have no Apple products. It’s $17 on Amazon, so worst case scenario, you can always return it.

Please note that I have mixed reviews on it for Android. Some games designed for controllers just don’t work with it, although that is the game’s issue not the controller’s issue. Also, remember that it’s under $20 for a rechargeable bluetooth controller – they are disposable, and will wear out. At the price point, especially on the Fire TV, I can get 2.5 of them in 2 days for the price of Amazon’s controller which takes about a month to ship. I haven’t used Amazon’s controller, so I can’t compare the two. I have used the Xbox 360 controllers and the Playpad Pro seems almost as nice (no headset option, of course).

For great androind and iOS (icade) all in one controller check out the ipega on Amazon. We have two and demoed DQ with them at Pax last week. Cheap as well!