Red challenge map

any ways to get that red map from 200-500 floors? just finished my campaign 200 floors. i wanna loot those higher gears beyond eternal gears, the cyan and purple gears. what to do??


The red map you are referring is a Legend Map. I think you get those after killing 75 Carthographers or by collecting 16 Maps. Look at the Codex tab and click Feats. You will see those feats.

The Crystal and Eternal are rare items. To up your chances of getting those. Use Eternalize and Crystalline and also max your Luck.

what u mean using crystaline and eternalize, i dont get it? equipping eternal gears… BIG QUESTION MARK


@gorem eternalized and crystalline are both set bonuses that can be found on some legend (and eternal, and crystal) items. it usually looks like a green text that says eternalized. If you have 1 piece of equipment that has eternalized or crystalline, thats +7.5%. if two, thats 15% and so on. to max your chances, you need that set bonus on everything you have equipped. but dont forget that only 1 set affix can exist on an item at the same time. so you cant have crystalline and eternalized on 1 item at the same time. this two set bonuses cant be added to items but you can find one that has it on. you can remove it but cant make it. i hope i helped! g’day

where can to get them? mostly?

I was just wondering if anyone has used a red challenge map while having all the paid for buffs active and if so how awesome was it?

Via Codex :wink:

You need to actually collect 25 maps to get a legend map with out accomplished perk.

But with accomplished perk you only need to collect 19.

If lucky you will get an eternal map.

Legends map + buffs. Its awsome, try in eternal map(green map) and with buffs more gold and drops



It is truly useful. I’ve waited until getting monster spawn boost to open my eternal ones and I’ve filled 3 bags with legends (including a merlin’s imp pet, LOL), crystal and eternal items in a single run.