Reflect Damage - A New Look

Deals +% MH to attackers when struck.

Legend +250% MH to attackers when struck.
No Cap.
Doesn’t cause Bleed.
Doesn’t cause Elemental Crit.
Could cause Crushing Blow.
Could cause Critical Damage and Deadly Strike.
Could cause Explosion with Legend Explosion affix.
Cause Element Debuff.

Attackers don’t use MH Element for damage.
Melee do Arcane damage.
Ranged do Map Element damage.
Ogre’s do Ranged & Melee Arcane damage.
Fury’s usually do Map Element damage, but will sometimes do a random Element for damage.
Malum do Ranged Shock damage.

Ignore Resist. Attackers no longer resistant or immune to their Element attacks, but no longer suffer Effective damage.
Weaken and/or Effective Mythic work with Reflect Damage.

Ascendant & Arcanist Set combo allow Reflect damage to cause Arcane Debuff. Attacks after the first do more damage based on how much ED% is on your build and Arcanist Rank. This only works with Weaken.

Electrified Set increases Reflect Damage by +50% per Rank and now each Reflected attack is a 25 yard radius attack centered on the Character. If there are 10 enemies within 25 yards of your Character, and it gets hit 3 times a second, all 10 enemies will get hit 3 times. this is one of the ways to increase the DPS of Reflect Damage. the downside to this Set is any ranged enemy that attacks you from more than 25 yards distance wont be affected by Reflect Damage.

Mirrored Mythic on Chest - Total Reflect Damage is increased by your Block %. if you have a Crystal +45% Block, your Reflect Damage is 1.45x.

Redirect Mythic on Amulet - Dodged & Blocked attacks can now cause Reflect Damage. Reflected Damage from Dodge & Block is increased by +100%. the only really big downside to this Mythic is that you can’t use Sanctuary Mythic.

Counter Talent on Rogue - +4% per Rank Reflect Damage when an attack is Dodged. (I finally found a way to test this, and it works)

Reflect Talent on Warrior - 4% chance per Rank to Reflect Damage on Block. works good with Bulwark Talent. (tested and works)

Shieldwall Skill on Warrior, Shieldwall Proc for all - on Item description it says Increases Reflect Damage by % per Rank for 4 seconds. on the Hero Page the % is +5% per Rank Damage, which I think applies to Reflect Damage. for those who look in the Codex > Dictionary > Skills > Shieldwall the description says it gives 400% Reflect Damage. I believe the Item description is the correct one. Wizard and Rogue who use Shieldwall Proc would need +All Skills or +10 Shieldwall on Pet or both to have extra Reflect Damage from Shieldwall Proc. it’s possible that it’s both, 400% added to Reflect Damage automatically, and Hero Points in Shieldwall Skill increases Reflect Damage by +5% per Rank. but I haven’t tested this, so who really know at the moment? I’ll just go by the description on the Item for now.

Manashield Skill on Wizard - +2.5% per Rank Reflect Damage. I did some tests and think that the Reflected Damage from Manashield is separate from the Legend Reflect Damage. Legend Reflect Damage happens when your Character gets hit by an attack, or Block/Dodge an attack with any Talents or Mythics. Manashield Reflects 200% OH Damage when active and gets hit by an enemy, +5% damage per Rank. damge done to Manashield is not damage to the Character, so is a different damage than Legend Reflect Damage. the +2.5% per Rank Reflect Damage is for Legend Reflect Damage, as I’ve seen it shown on the Defense Stat Page for Reflect Damage.

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