Reflect damage affix

I can’t really find much information on it. Does it simply take the damage dealt to you, buff it by x% and deal that back?

Not anymore now it does %main hand damage because it would be vastly too powerful in arena and at extremely high floors I hope this helps :smile:

Yeah that helps although it’s disappointing. I was hoping to be able to make a 100% stealth uptime reflect build using things like overload, defiant, adventurer, pathfinder, momentum and smoke screen. Using talents like noxious, veil, counter and dexterous. Haha I’ve used thorns builds (reflect dmg) in plenty of games and was really hoping it’d be viable.

Yeah I understand where ur coming from it sucks but it would be too unbalanced for DQ however if you are looking too do that kind of build pay attention for the Arc Dodge affix I intend too do a build based around it in the future and it may be just what you are looking for :wink: :relaxed: (Arc does 500% mainhand damage unless you have the arc Dodge affix on your off hand then it will do 500% offhand)


Ahhhh, you’re gonna make a reactor build where the toon is the orb! Love the concept!

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I’m glad too here you like the idea :relaxed: