Reflect damage in Battle Arena

So as the title stated. Have anyone tried using a reflective build in BA? If so please do share your experience here please thanks.

I’ve tested it on my tank build, it does barely any damage. Not sure if it does better on an offensive build but, why would you use it in an offensive build? I think it needs some major boost in terms of effect. Like maybe Reflect Damage based on defense instead. That’s just my opinion though. Hope this helps.


Reflect DMG has been scaled down to 5% in the BA so it’s pretty useless :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I thought when I was testing it in practice mode haha…what about pairing it with iceburn electrified and explosive?sounds good?

Not sure about those two since I don’t use them much.

Well how does explosive do I’m BA?is it any good? Btw thanks for your time to even reply haha

Explosive works but its been scalled down too, still works though and still stronger than an aver,age attack, but mixed with reflect damage im not sure, it works for pvm but never got chance try try it in pvp, reflect damage is a viable build idea but not the best.

Reflective is good as long as magnus robes is used and mana shield. I have faced an opponent who reflected all dmg when I dropped meteor and i didnt drain a life of his but i died fast from him. It has never happened to me again though.

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IMO reflect is 1 of the best affix for BA, the OPness shines if use correctly.


Hmmm… how do you use it in BA? Any info you want to leak :wink::wink::wink:

nope. no info leak lol

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