Reflect damage

Will coat cause reflect damage too crit+ elemental crit? Ive got a really lolsy anti lohko (and alot of other stuff probably if it it works lmao) build that I wanna try

LOL too much lohko build in arena.?

Yup I mean they’re gr8 and all but they end my streak at 15+ and I mean I could build 1 and just join in but I think I’d rather have fun with a cheese build and fling equal or greater damage back at u once you hit me you did a damn good job of that build tho cronos extremely powerful for arena

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OHKO build are overrated, so many ways to beat them. I never lose to them. I only lose to tanks

After some arena testing it looks like the crit is guaranteed but the elemental crit isn’t its OK tho 6x crystal crit damage up affix+ 6 strength natures probably do the trick when it comes too damage multiplication : P

while u win on all OHKO build n lose too tank. i win over tank lol. 1 hit and the tank crumble down.

Crit chance crit damage have cap in arena. as i remember crit damage cap in arena is 120%. so u better dont waste your crytal on full your set with crit damage

Hmmmm I’ll have too ask a dev about that one thanks for the warning if that’s true I gotta come up with a some absurd combo : P

u can check in Battle arena FAQ, look im general section. there is a there is a thread about BA.

Sweet thanks :smiley: