Reflect warrior build or anything super tanky

Looking for a build for my warrior that can be tanky and deal lots of damage at floor 800 plus. I have a bunch of legendary stuff so just tell me what I need or screen shots and I’ll follow it and tweak to my preferences from there I greatly appreciate it guys. Also using a skull shield wizard as a companion

Well honestly I’ll be hard to have BOTH. It would be better to focus on one build for just one character. Reflect is kinda not good right now because it’s based on your MH damage.

100% Block, mythic Mirrored and Redirect, damage-up affixes, have weaken and deadly strike too.
Maybe reflect damage can reach B :smile:

Would you recommend a combo then my rogue dps hirling is only doing about 15m dps with guideshot ive seen people with billions and I’m using a warrior for item find and luck

Well if you want a tanky char. theres a build for warriors since they can have 100% block. Just find the latest build for it, can’t remember the name sorry XD.