Has anyone actually tried a full reflect build with what ever that set is. I really really wanna try it but feel like its going to be totally worthless and a waste of slot of crystals to not half ass it and actually give it a chance

Ruby reflect damage affix only works against mainhand weapon damages if I am not mistaken so, mythic skill and proc damage would not be reflected like earthquake, vortex, etc… but there are some other ways to have your character reflective like if you use a warrior, you can choose a kind of defender talent on the amulet ( im not sure) and also that mythic affix reflect and that green affix reactor. See codex>mythics/dictionary for more details.

No… Reflect deals DMG based on your MH. It will apply everytime you are hit.

In the current meta, not a good idea.

OK so when a skill says based off main hand or off hand dmg is that just what ever your weapons show raw and in buffed. Cause there’s no where to see what you main or off hand dmg would be with all % a and what not added. And what about all the off hands that have either 0 dmg or 5k dmg only with ele dmg on it. And I know 0 dmg off hand still does dmg. I’m terrible with numbers so maybe this just confuses me but how is this not shown anywhere. Like skills you can’t see duration or even very good details on what some of them do. You just get ele crit cool down no idea on radius even how to judge radius but tto put on item pick up radius and use that to help guess

So many details in some areas and literally almost 0 detail in a lot of areas. Suppose it helps keep the game fun and I’m sure very unique between players building it differently for how they guess a skill works or what note they read about it drives me almost as insane on the 9 amethyst I just spent to nor get a plagues set affix on a neck item and had to give up… 9 amethyst for probably the most common set and I couldn’t get it…

Yeah the devs are working on this. I am pretty sure they are surprised by how curious we are. I am pretty sure the GUI was originally designed for a more casual audience that are less techical. I can’t blame them since this is a freenium game.

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I’m on the same page with explosion. I don’t think it adds to proc chance just the dmg and I just the the under dog and want to make it win. The unusesed and random builds. Not saying I don’t do this but I hate games you just look at the top 3-10 and copy it with a slight twist, I hate those types!(cookie cutter builds) I’ll always root for the underdog

Good thing I have an underdog PvP and PvE build. Still in progress but I’m proud. I always try to go for something unique or underdog because I generally like being unique and different.

Edit: said underdog build is at near top 3 division 1 eternal league. I might even set up a 2v2 version if I want to.

Have you read the description of a Proc? Nothing can increase its chance.

My PvP and PvE are pretty much underdog but its not because i like to be the minority its because i suck, like the biggest dmg i ever dealt is roughly around 200m. Ive played the game for about a year already…