does this affect physical and magical? or physcal only?? tnxx

every thing

ok tnx man. thinking of making a reflect type char TNX TNX

reflect for pve?

When i was trying reflect the problem was it needs offensive affixes to deal damage. When you have offensive affixes you don’t have defensive affixes. To deal damage with reflect you need to be able to take hits. Reflect damage is weak.

My opinion only.

Reflect damage type is so long ago. They we’re solid back then until the nerf came.

oh so reflect type is a bad idea?? T_T

yes due to nerf

how about armor +hp+passive cerebral vortex?? any good???

yes that is better cerebral vortex is better that reflect

but, goat if you have crushing blow :smile: + reflect type is really good only for warriors because it makes a very good combination on his defender talents. nothing more I can say.

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