[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


I dont like your post Calysta.
• Its in the cheaters thread but isnt relevant.
• Its written in a non english language, less people can understand it.
• I see a vulgar word in your post. A big NO.

If you feel like he is like “Feeling Legit”, it would be beneficial to us if you post his gears to prove that, otherwise you are just Flaming…



this player was reported many times. but he’s still on the league.

also this one.





Yea. I don’t like it too sir. “gago” is badwords in our words. @Calysta don’t be so rude boy. Your attitude is a lil bit annoying.:-1:


Edited eternal gear.


this account has been flagged for a while now.


@tdaniel plz flag this player too.




Hacker ?

Pq ele está em minha liga ?


Thats normal…




Try to convert it to warrior using jasper and then convert it again to wizard. And you will see the result​:joy::joy:




@tdaniel @FairyTail that Hagiabao has another account.




Please reviewed




@defender ah yes. that warrior. looks like something fishy on his gears. eternal league division 2? right?


Como saber se está em uma liga de banidos ?