[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers

Hey what about my avatar ? :frowning:

Oh ok. Thanks for the info. :smile: I love Street Fighter, my origin were the ATARI games but that game was an improve in game play when it was launch.

I had an atari. I remember the revenge of shinobi, golden axe and sonic the hedgehog and streets of rage.

Woah Dickwad the Bad Wolf. I bet we are contemporaneous. :+1:

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( Cough ! ) my first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum @Ariel . :open_mouth:

I dint had a computer until i reached the University, but i had 11 years when that computer was released. :crazy_face:

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I was 13 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I gave your dr who-vatar props ages ago :joy:


Thanks :tired_face:

Another hacker with no concept of not looking obvious .

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Yeah @NUIQUE ive been seeing a lot more of this with +170 all resist and sometimes +6 on torrent.

The hackers are getting sneakier


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@NUIQUE I’m looking at your flagged player. I cannot see anything. What do you see ? To me it could be leidlers Lance with Chrystalline block or dodge affix . If it is the character could have max block and dodge depending on the rest of the builds items.

all reviewed

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The Mutiny Warrior Lance in TheFirst is Legal he just used a vanity implement to change the appearance of it Nuique.

Just found on eternal division 4


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