[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers

Can anyone screen shot the top on legit League

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My friend @NUIQUE is usually there


Hi @tdaniel

Please inspect this account

Its eternal items are all hacks.


absolutely cheater dude i fought with this one

Please check this one out. Mythic 2 v 2 div 2 match which I won.

Such a rapid rise for very few games fought ?

Hmmm lol !

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all removed

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Strange match stats for division 4. `Preformatted text

reviewed and removed (last one)

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. Please review.

Looks impossible to climb the arena that quickly :thinking:


Screenshot_20200311-192028_Dungeon Quest

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Ughh it’s so tiring to scroll down
Anyways here can you pls review this char devs

both* removed

Please review this one.


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Its so nice build you have but it is not good for normal league.

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