[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers

@f00kee Yeah your right if i were cheating why would i choose that crap affix , even a birdbrain will aggree that affix is crap for pvp. Ive been using that pet of mine since the last patch. @CuzegSpiked why im using element set on my build becoz its good on my build (not tanky). I use only charge and scalp, charge for fast manuvers/escaping, scalp serves two purpose offense & defense. In all oh special skill scalp has the fastest reduced cooldown and by using Eternal Hatchet Vengeance (all affix are usefull) with the combination of that eternal pet (element) and planning to put clearcast in the future what do we got alot of scalp flying around. My build is not tanky i just wait for my prey i dont attack just lure them on that scalp or leave scalp fot those spammers. I know you got the idea now why element on my build.

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@CuzegSpiked my mistake its Eternal Hatchet Vibroedge (Living Force)

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This is very funny telling erase eternal pet is cheat. :joy: and saying that it fits too perfectly with those affixes. :joy: . @Midlumer man if you say erase pet is cheat then tell me something about the pet of @Eater as @TYRON said. Waiting for your reply @Midlumer

Edited item!

How? That item looks legit . The skulldraga you can get instead of torrent from eternal divination due to Jasper crystal to one class such as warrior and back to wizard. Although he should have not jaspered that eternal divination at all imo.


Take a read here:

The probability for that pet is around 1 out of 80,000,000 legend pets. Nuff said.

Just because I reported someone doesn’t mean I don’t know about other cheaters which have been banned before and unfortunately got back into the arena. And most likely still cheat.

All I said is that there are Allstar members that cheat. Not that all cheat… I actually think/hope that most are legit :slight_smile:.

Since you obviously haven’t heard anything about probability theory and also haven’t been pet hunting a lot: Read my link from above. Understand it. Then come back with arguments please :slight_smile:.

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Man people being aggressive against you. That sucks. People just need to calm down and call it a day because it isn’t the end of the world if Midlumer is right and they got it wrong.

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this has already been flagged.

Because of the sheer lack of probability of a perfect pet ever dropping they should always be reported even if they turn out to be legit please cease harassing Midlumer or anyone else who reports a perfect affixed eternal pet they are taking the correct course of action :slight_smile:


2 Separate Hackzors…

Reason: modded eternal pet

Reason: modded eternal trophy? (Not sure)

It’s like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain…!

reviewed (you dug your toes into nasa grade titanium?). pruning the posts a bit as well to keep this thread on topic


After editing every gear on their toon, they forgot to edit this one.


XD lmao hahahah

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Edited gear.


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Kindly review this acc

Conclusion: kinda impossible for this acc to get this item with only 44 wins in arena

It resets every season Lol. Maybe he’s been playing for a long time now.

He didn’t even had a trophy