[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers


Its alright to have doubts some players about their gear, affixes, pet, etc…

I mean cheaters are rampant in the PvP as so many players have already reported, all have absurd damage and outright unbeatable…

Though that doesnt mean everyone who is unbeatable is a cheater…

Just report any fishy battles with a toon and let the admins punish them if they ever found them guilty of cheating…


Then make some powerful builds ,dont cry if cant beat him😂


Is ther a pet that has a blood magic set?


In the old old times(not really)…

Rage had the Bloodmagic Set affix but was replaced by Inferno Set affix for unknown reasons…

Even the gears now that had Inferno Set affix on them were once Bloodmagic…

And thus my Rage can be considered the one of the remaining pet that survived the “Inferno”(get it? :joy:)

Maybe the devs decided to replace it because in the old forums, large amount of new players were very frustrated of how they suddenly lost their mana and losing Hp for attacks just because they didnt knew they had the Bloodmagic Set affix on them…

But that is just a speculation…

And also, this isnt the right place to talk about this because we are in a “Report Cheater” thead…

I apologize to all admins :cry:


In theory you can get a perfect eternal pet. Just don’t hold your breath


Rage pet with bloodmagic affix.:joy::clap::clap::clap:


I also have this little gem right here :grin:

Only have 2 of them in my stash…

Ill never touch them for they will never be given to me again forever hahahaha


@CRYBABY Make a powerful build… Finding Opponent… Finding Opponent… (with drumrolls) then VOILA!!! A Cheater. :rofl:


Awsum! That’s an old nadroji’s crown!:grin:







lol with 1 win? how? please review his/her account ty


and also this guy thank you










fought this guy several times. and i found 6 Torrent on his Divination amulet.