[REPORTS ONLY] Report Cheaters & Hackers




Yeah @kiane_zaine it should be 4 (1 5th of 20)


Cheating kiddo +6 skilll




also this @tdaniel


Another one cheating




Please ban cheating +6 skill


AU?? Who the fck is that! another former au to break our group? nice try btw… -_- Delete that account!!!






Thats normal



Its a normal eternal except for the +6 skill…
Theres clearly something with the eternal +6 skill, its comming up a lot, are you all sure this is modified?


No not normal his pet vary strong like me but legend only.




You can obtain +6 Epic Skill on an eternal gear in PvP but it’s very very very difficult. The eternal gear might show as Epic 20 Skill “X” but you will not know it’s Skill +6 until you check the gear after/during a PvP match (while wearing the gear). Almost every Eternal gear with an Epic Skill at 20 will be Skill +4 in PvP. If you have an Eternal pet and it is fully leveled up, any epic skill will show Skill +6.

You can also obtain +6 on Legend Strength, Intelligence etc. I have achieved these before but again it’s very very difficult.

In the example above, the eternal gear posted by Juander has all affixes with perfect max rolls, which is not a likely outcome.


@Juander that satyr pet. absolutely perfect and obviously edited based on Pet’s Affixes. i’ve encountered that player on div 3 i think.,


I destroy hem for only 2 seconds