Request: Reduce the partical effects for Earthshatter

I currently use a Sword build, with 5.3 attacks per second, and Terrashaper 3 (you can see where this is going…). This means that while attacking continuously, on average, Earthshatter procs twice per second.

This isn’t really a problem, and the game can handle this for the most part. But every now and then, I’ll get really lucky, and ~10 or so Earthshatters will proc in a row. When this happens, the game lags for a few seconds - slow enough to see the frames being rendered individually. My screen is nothing but a huge cloud of green, with random damage numbers popping here and there.

If you observe a single Earthshatter, the particle cloud is really quite dense. It may be just a bit over the top (reducing the particle density by 25%-33% would probably be enough to resolve these sorts of lag issues, and I don’t think it would make much difference visually).

We’re definitely looking at this for next patch.

Excellent. One thing that sets this development team apart, is their receptiveness to user feedback :smiley:

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We also have a few other effects (like the lightning breath the Act 2 boss uses) that we are going to change for better performance. Thanks for the heads up.