Resignation as a tester

I wanted to announce my resignation as an official tester(although I would love to stay on the list, as I much enjoy finding bugs and the like) as I have now moved to Florida and since last I updated you guys have become much more busy than ever. Honestly I haven’t even picked up my cell for gaming in a couple weeks… I wish I had the time to pour into helping develop the game further, but I don’t. Thanks for allowing me the honor guys and I truly wish the best for you guys as the game progresses.

Thanks for all the help and enjoy sunny Florida!!

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Take care, I don’t know exactly the contributions you lent to the game. Bit everything helps! Thank you. And good luck with your future endeavors.

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Take care leet, come back soon :smile: ( Gotta find your golden vein pieces! )

Any updates on the release date of 1.5?

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We’re working on 1.4.1 atm, and it comes soon!