[Resolved] [1.3] new Skull Bug?

I’ve installed the new 1.3 Version of DQ.
I’m playing a wizzard with piercing weapons and the Skull in offhand.
With 1.3 the “big skull” (the one which shots 3 times a row) now explodes on enemy contact like the small skulls.
With this behavior it is not possible to play with skulls in 1.3 because you can not place it in mob groups, that’s instant explosion.

I didn’t find any information on thjs in the patch notes either.

Will you fix it to the behavior pre 1.3?


That is actually not a bug, well not designed to be a bug. The large skull now has the same amount of life as your character. It should NOT die instantly when it gets hit however.

I will try that on our end and see what the behavior is.

so i check it again.
I’m lvl ~60 with 7K hp.
going to floor 2-3, monsters hitting me with <250dmg

Big Skull explodes immediately after a mob runs over it.

We are going to do a quick patch update to address some of the bugs we have found. This will be one of the ones we fix. Thanks again for the heads up!!

Hey i tried the new version and the bug is fixed.

Keep on going!

Sweet, glad that worked out! Please let us know if you find anything else.