[Resolved]Items overwritten after uploading/downloading

Hello guys! :smile:

This happened with the 1.3 patch, with the new account saving system added: I frequently upload my data to the server, after I level up some levels. But one time when I uploaded my data and then downloaded it, I saw that my necklace was replaced with a necklace in my inventory, but my former equipped necklace was gone. And one time it even DUPLICATED a necklace in my inventory and I had it automatically equipped. But my former equipped necklace was gone (it had awesome stats :frowning: ).

Thanks in advance!


Hey Centra, sorry about your Necklace. :frowning: If your save is up to date and you download again, you should find some gold credit for your troubles.

Are you uploading and downloading to the same device, or multiple? I think I experienced a similar issue to yours, and it was necklace related as well, so I’m trying to see if there’s some useful similarities that will help me track it down.

Do you remember if you ever had the necklace that replaced your good necklace equipped and saved at any point? What slot did the necklace in your inventory happen to be in?

Thanks for your help!

Hiya SteigerBox!

I only uploaded/downloaded the data on my s3 device, it’s my only one.
I can’t remember if I ever equipped the “bad necklace”… At this point, I had an empty inventory, except the first three boxes in the top left corner in the first bag. But after I downloaded the data one time, my equipped necklace was replaced with the necklace in the third box from the top left corner. And in it should be my “good necklace”, but it is the same “bad necklace” as equipped.

Thanks for your help SteigerBox!

I believe I found and fixed the issue on the server side. The necklace slot was only getting populated initially, but not updated properly. So you would have equipped a new necklace, saved, and whatever your initial necklace when you originally saved was would have overwritten the necklace slot when you downloaded again.

Let me know if you see anything else, and thanks for coming here and reporting it :smile:

Awesome! Thank you SteigerBox!

For sure I will and no problem!

When I encounter another bugs, I’ll inform You.