[Resolved] no email being sent for activation

Game not sending email activation for my account. Tried a couple time making sure on spelling. Worked fine on making this account for the forums haha. Please help, I am already missing my DQ fix :smile:

Hey there, I believe I fixed your email on our servers ( gmail.c0m -> gmail.com ). Try the “Resend” option and it should hopefully send now :smile:

Opps, lol. Maybe someday I will learn to read my phone’s text font. Thank you for helping those with crainial flatulation :laughing:

Haha, no worries :smile:

I have the same problem, could you please check what is wrong, my game account is on the same email address as my forum account.

Was the same problem for you, painlord. Should be fixed now :smile:

Thank you very much:-)

well still the same problem:-( I had to register one more time, and I did it, but I haven’t get verification email

Ok, I’ve totally reset you, so you’ll have to register one more time. As long as the "@GMAIL.COM" has no zero’s in it you should be fine :smile:

Try “Resend” this time. For some reason, whenever you register the “.com” keeps having the “o” replaced with a zero.

Could you send verification email manually or just change my email without deleting accoun?

Ok it works!:smiley: thanks for help and sorry for taking your time:)

Np glad I could help :smile:

Same as problem.

Here is my email.